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Micro HDMI To VGA Audio
Micro HDMI To VGA Audio Micro HDMI To VGA Audio Micro HDMI To VGA Audio
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Micro HDMI To VGA Audio

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Kode : Micro HDMI to VGA Audio
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Micro HDMI To VGA Audio

Product Features: 
This product is a portable digital-analog conversion line,
defined through a standard HDMI/Mini HDMI/Micro HDMI input HD scources,
you can convert audio and video output for VGA+audio.

Products are widely applied to:
Computer/DVD/digital set-top box/laptop/mobile phone/digital camera/ tablet pc/ media player/
a range of HD sources such as input devices. Audio and video signals to the TV/ Monitor/ Projector output.
To solve a simple user operation of the display device connectivity solutions.

1. Flexible design and realize a line through function.
2. No external power supply, plug and play.
3. Product resolution can be up to 720p / 1080i / 1080p
4. Product output audio source for: 3.5 audio Socket.
5. Input: HDMI 1/ Mini HDMI / Micro HDMI.
6. Output : VGA + Audio


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